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Notes for Quiz 2 - Density of seawater • 1.025 tropics...

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Zooplankton Grazers- eat phytoplankton (netplankton) Get eaten by.. o Small fish o Jellyfish Elemental cycling o Sloppy feeding Dissolved organic matter Carbs, proteins o Produce organic matter Fecal pellets Marine snow Copepod feeding o Changes with cell concentration and cell size o Sometimes control phytoplankton pops Phyto and zoo abundance negatively correlates o Have different generation times Ocean Ecosystem Model and Microbial Loop Bacteria o Users of DOM o 60-65 % growth efficiency o 10^5-10^6 bacteria/mL Nekton Adaptations to nektonic lifestyle  o Environmental conditions
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Can be food sparse Need to keep moving to not get eaten No structure can’t hide No support- movement o Adaptations to pelagic life Buoyancy
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Unformatted text preview: Density of seawater • 1.025- tropics • 1.029- cold seawater density of cytoplasm • 1.02-1.1 • add in structural material most organisms have tendency to sink • gas bladder o physolistous- connected to esophagus o physostomus Mobility Camo Advanced sensory systems Propulsion Need vel of the wave to be faster than forward seed of the fish Amplitude of the tail part to be bigger than that of the head part o Surface of resistance Frictional- surface area Highest surface area/ vol- sphere Form- cross sectional area Minimal- long and skinny Induced drag- size and speed • Ecological role of the nekton...
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Notes for Quiz 2 - Density of seawater • 1.025 tropics...

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