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Notes for Quiz 3 - Fecal pellets Molts Aggregates Large...

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Deep Sea Definition o Water and seabed zones beneath the continental shelf >200m o zones bathyal (2-4km) , abyssal (4-6km, flat, majority of sea floor),  hadal (trenches, 6-10km) o features plains, seamounts, ridges, trenches Sampling in Deep sea Environment o Dark(ish) o Cold o (High) salinity o (High) pressure o light  aphotic dysphotic bioluminescence o temp T=-1 – 4 deg C  Avg 2 deg C Salinity 34.8 +- .3 o Pressure +1atm for every 10cm 20-1000 atm
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affects proteins, lipids, calcification high km- bad enzyme low km- better highly variable if organisms change depth then they change pressure o Oxygen Very little change with depth Temps constant No photosynthesis Thermohalne circulation Constant water movemtne Bottom currents Refresh oxygen Provide food flux Transport larvae Sources o Tidal currents o Oceanic conveyor o Coriolis current o Sediments Sources/ types of POM Studied by Sediments traps and photography
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Unformatted text preview: Fecal pellets Molts Aggregates Large falls • Plants and animals • Important for energy • Scavengers o Amphibods, brittlestars, fish o Unpredictable and sporadic o Many ssp are active foragers- disperse POM Marine snow Sink faster as collect more material while sinking in the water column Terrestrial vegetation Migrating fish and larvae Large fish and mammals Fecal pellets Chinitous molts POM flux to the deep sea Less than 1 in 10 molecules make it to floor Only 1/3 of it can be characterized Sinking rate • 100 m/d seasonal variation in POM flux not widely measured varies with surface productivity deep sea seds avg <.1% OC shelf seds avg 1% OC • Food supply • Organisms • Hydrothermal vents • Cold seeps...
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Notes for Quiz 3 - Fecal pellets Molts Aggregates Large...

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