Notes for Quiz 7 - Disturbanceandsuccession

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Disturbance and succession Disturbance creates open space -> opportunistic of fugitive species  settle -> replaces be competitive dominant species Patchiness on rocky shores Small scale variations in zonation Variation in rock surfaces Disturbance Predation Grazing Clonal reproduction Territoriality Sandy shores Environmental conditions o Defined by 3 factors Particle size Atattchment to large rocks Compaction of grains Wave action Erode particles Change profile of beach slope steep- narrow beach shallow- broad intertidal beach high disturbance = low diversity Physical Factors o Wave action
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o Substrate movement o Oxygen content o Smooth, uniform topography o Sand buffers changes Adaptations of organisms o Burrowing  Deep Fast Morphology o Reproduction o Respiration o Predation Communities o No large plants o Benthic phytoplankton
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Notes for Quiz 7 - Disturbanceandsuccession

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