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Notes for Quiz 10 - Life diverse and abundant on corals...

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20:42 Corals Reef growth o Colonies can grow asexually or sexually Budding Polyps divide on the surface of the skeleton and create colonies of  genetically identical polyps Fragmentation of estd colonies can start new colonies Sexual growth 3 hrs after sunset on the 5 th  day after the 8 th  full moon 50 minute window planula larvae no medusae o Life and Times of coral reefs
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Unformatted text preview: Life diverse and abundant on corals Representative of nearly all phyla and classes Lots of niches Hundreds or thousands of species Leeward side: low energy o Species richness and diversity Greater in Indo Pacific 88 genera, 500 species of coral Atlantic 36 genera, 62 species of coral same true for other organisms...
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