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Fall '10 Syllabus PED 106 - PED106C Weight Training...

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Grading Policy: 75 Points—Attendance/Following Program/Effort 20 Points—Two Quizzes 5 Points —Notebook/Journal 100 Points—Total Attendance/Following Program/Effort 1. Seventy-five percent of your grade will come from your regular attendance in class and your enthusiastic participation in the program designed for new students. If you are not following the class program you will not receive full credit for your attendance. So, it is important that you check in and out with the instructors every day, that you work quickly to do all the sets and exercises on the workout sheet, and that you add weight regularly as the program suggests. 2. Class will officially begin at five minutes after the hour. If you arrive more than 15 minutes after the hour you will receive only half credit—2.5 points—for the day. We will not count your notebook as evidence of attendance. 3. There will be two (2) “FREE” absences in this class. Each unexcused absence after these two freebies is a five (5) point deduction from the 75 points you may accumulate in the attendance section of the course. ALL EXCUSED ABSENCES REQUIRE DOCUMENTATION. If you are sick enough to go to the hospital or Student Health Center and can provide your instructor a signed visitation slip or a written excuse from a physician, we’ll excuse the absence. If you feel badly, but not bad enough to seek medical help please come to class and ask to sit out so you won’t lose your points. 4 . If you develop a medical condition that will keep you from training for more than two days (like mono or an orthopedic problem) please email your instructor, and then as soon as possible, drop by class and meet with your instructor. Exercise can often be modified to work around injuries so do not simply disappear and
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