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COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS AT AUSTIN Department of Chemical Engineering•Austin, Texas 78712-1062•(512)471-5238•FAX(512)471-7060 ChE 210 Homework 2 Due: Wednesday, September 22 Working with Vectors Write MATLAB script for the following problems. Remember to solve using vector expressions where possible! 1. Consider the pin in the figure that experiences three simultaneous forces. Write a MATLAB script that asks the user for each of the forces and directions in the figure and then uses vector addition find the resultant force. Your program will then print in a nice format the magnitude and direction of the resultant force. 2. We want to determine the work involved in moving an object through a distance, d, when acted on by two forces. Think of two people pulling a heavy object using ropes.
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Unformatted text preview: The work required to move the object over a displacement, d, for a given force vector is W = • F d The force and displacement quantities are both expressed as vector quantities and the product is the normal vector dot product. Write a MATLAB script that asks the user to enter vectors for the two forces and then adds the vectors together to calculate a resultant force. Also ask the user for the displacement vector. Note that in MATLAB you can enter vectors directly using the input function. Use your program to calculate the work expended in moving an object 10 m in the x direction, 5m in the y direction, and 1m in the z direction when acted upon by the two forces below. Also calculate and print the angle that the resultant makes with the displacement. 1 2 15 20 5 20 5 7 F i j k and F i j k = + + =-+...
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