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Final Intro and conclusion - way that our children are...

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Introduction: The American economy has taken a strong hit since the beginning of war, even past wars have shown us how they affect our economy and our children, yet we still see a need to protect ourselves from invading foreign countries who would seek to destroy our way of life. But even though wars can sometimes generate money through support from aiding countries, are we really benefitting from exhausting our resources by going to other countries, or should the American economy continue to suffer the lessons not learned from past wars? Conclusion: Much of the American way of life has been changed due to wars of the past and present from the
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Unformatted text preview: way that our children are taught in their history classes, to the new precautions we have taken in our government and personal lives. War will continue to change the way we live in this world, and humanity will constantly change its way of life to adapt to these changes. But let us try to set the way for our children's children so they will not have to worry about war, and pray that in their time humanity will find peace. What will you do as an ever changing American people that has seen and lived through so many wars, to help assure your grandchildren's safety?...
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