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Now that I am finished my research project, I would advise the students that are starting this course to think really hard when choosing your final subject topic. When choosing your final project topic, you are essentially creating the amount of work that you will have to do throughout the next nine weeks. Remember to make your final project topic something that you are interested in, as it will be easier to find information on a subject that interests you, as well as keep you interested in your final. Something that I did was choose my final project on war, as I have a big interest in military and how much war affects us as American citizens and soldiers. I think that if I had a second chance though I would have been more specific on my subject, that way I could have made it easier on myself when looking for information to put in my final
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Unformatted text preview: project. I would have focused more on the reading aspect of this class, even though most of the information was covered in previous classes you can still fall behind very quickly if you do not keep up with the material given to you. As noted in the last sentence I would have focused more on the reading aspect of this course, there is much information that can be learned by reading the information offered to you. I do not think there was any part of this class that I would have focused less on, but I definitely would have focused less on my television. If I would have done that, then maybe my grade would be better, and I would not have posts the wrong assignments on the wrong days a few weeks ago,...
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