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POLI 2051 Notes 1-28-10 Politicking and Compromises *The New Jersey Plan- one chamber legislation. Based on population. South didn’t like that. *The Virginia Plan- Hyper state representation. Each state gets same number of votes. *The great Compromise-Madison. Two house based on population. Upper house chambers the senate. 1 house, House of Representatives. *The Three-Fifths Compromise- slaves counted as 3/5 of a vote. -Senators have six year but only 1/3 are up each year. -435 representatives are elected every two years. -The house was meant for the voice of the people, the Senate for the state. *The Madisonian Model -Separation of powers - Legislative, President, and Judicial. Three Separate Equal but Coordinate. They have to work together. But each one is distinct from the other. Each one is supreme in its field. Congress makes laws, the executive enforces, and judiciary enforces the laws. All three branches or at least two are
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Unformatted text preview: involved because of checks and balances. -Checks and balances- the judiciary interprets the laws, to get members of judiciary, the senate has to confirm them. Pres appoints the members. The president negotiates treaties w/ countries. Treaties must be ratified in senate with 2/3 vote. Congress makes the laws but the laws are proposed by the president. When a bill goes to a law, it can be vetoed by the president, but can be overridden by 2/5 by the house. Presidents can be impeached. Federal Judges can be impeached. -Judicial review- power of any court, but in particular the supreme court of the U.S. to declare an act of legislature, declare actions of the president. Unconstitutional. *Electoral College- direct and indirect democracy....
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