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bme405 lab 1

bme405 lab 1 - temperature in real time on the labview...

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Lauren Hickey 9/23/2010 Lab 1 Observations: We went through the first part of the lab to familiarize ourselves with the waveform generator and the oscilloscope. We then went on to the labview portion of the lab. We made the block diagram as outlined, first with the virtual channel DAQ just to get ourselves familiar with the labview functions and how they work together. Then we did the physical DAQ channel, connected with a temperature sensor module, and ran the program which displayed the measured
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Unformatted text preview: temperature in real time on the labview chart indicator. This was pretty cool. My fingers were a lot colder than my partner Thinn’s. When we look at our vi files at home, most of the DAQmx functions are missing from our library. Hopefully you have those, and if you do, do you know where we can download them? Or do we need the DAQ board plugged in....
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