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Homework 1 bme 405 2010

Homework 1 bme 405 2010 - Homework 1 BME 405 Fall 2010 Due...

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Homework 1: BME 405, Fall 2010 Due: Monday September 9, 2010 (Date of received email should be before 09/09/2010, 11 59 pm) Please send your zipped homework assignments to [email protected] Use free labels typed on the block diagram to clarify your code and explain it. Be sure to include a description of all important controls and indicators (Use the description feature of LabVIEW) Exercise 1 (10 points): Problem P2.2, page 103 in Bishop textbook. Modify as follows: if the number Y is equal to 0, the vi should not display the result of the division X/Y. Instead the number –9.99 should be displayed in place of the ratio X/Y. You can use the function “select” to route either the ratio X/Y or the number –9.99 to the indicator. The vi should run until a stop button is depressed with a 100 ms delay between iterations. Exercise 2 (10 points): Problem P2.6, page 104 in Bishop textbook. You do not need to save in a specific folder. After the vi is completed, create an icon and a connector for the vi so it can be used as a subvi. Create a different vi that calls your conversion vi every 100 ms. The second vi
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