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Case Study: Power to the Peepul By Paul Jump, Third Sector Online, 15 March 2007 How Rita Patel raised the funds for the 60,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art Peepul Centre in Leicester. Background Since the early 1980s Rita Patel's Belgrave Baheno Women's Organisation had been organising one-off activities such as minibus trips for Asian women and girls in Leicester. Eventually the group won a grant to buy a terraced house from which to run the activities, and then acquired another one just across the road. However, this split-site situation meant cost efficiencies were difficult to achieve. Research commissioned from De Montfort University in the early 1990s made it clear, according to Patel, that "the writing was on the wall for grant aid". Besides, she was "tired of the begging-bowl mentality". She wanted her organisation to start earning its own money. The group also wanted to become more inclusive. "Women were coming to us and saying ‘can't we do the same things for men as well?'" says Patel. "What we really wanted to do was to change the world. We were inspired by people like Mandela and Ghandi. We wanted to be around for a long time and make a lasting difference." The process The initial idea was to buy a small factory and refurbish it, but public meetings soon
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Power_2_the_Peepul - Case Study Power to the Peepul By Paul...

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