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Christina Suarez CAS353 MW 5:30-6:45 October 9, 2007 Assignment # 5- Email Etiquette 1. What does the Purdue Owl Site say about sending sensitive information and attachments? a. They say not to send someone an attachment the first time that you are contact them. The website also says that you shouldn’t send information that could potentially hurt or damage someone’s reputation or could be an embarrassment. 2. What etiquette items should be included that are not mentioned in this assignment’s reading (either online or the printed list)? a. Something that is not mentioned in the articles is how you are supposed to sign-off. When you send an email to someone the receiver may need something a little more than a simple name. If the email needs a telephone number or address, you need to put it in the under the sign off name at the very end. Most people use this form in
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Unformatted text preview: business and not in personal use. You can also put in the date. The date is usually put in the upper right hand corner. 3. What did you learn from this assignment? How will your email communications change in the future? a. I basically learned the proper etiquette for sending emails. I didn’t know that you were supposed to keep emails short and not to carry on. Also I thought it was okay to use acronyms and slang. I knew though that it was improper to use negative language in business or special people emails. My email communications will be changed in the future because I will change my messages to a brief outline and use a proper ending and beginning when sending emails to people that I know they don’t have my email address already memorized....
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