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Introduction to Policing

Introduction to Policing - Introduction to Policing...

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Introduction to Policing Philadelphia Police Department To become a Philadelphia Police Officer there are many steps to take before you are an official officer of the Philadelphia Police Department. The first step is the recruitment process. In this first step the Philadelphia Police Department (PPD) sends advertisement to the local papers, puts an ad on their website www.ppd.org, or they will put up billboards that says they are looking for police officers in the area on the highways. When you sign up for the police department you have to live in Philadelphia for six months or higher, hold a license that doesn't have any points on it, hold a high school diploma or GED, age ( minimum is 19 years old), free of convictions, and background information. The next step in becoming an officer is the selection process. In the selection process there are eleven steps to complete before you move on into becoming an officer. First, you have to past the writing and reading exam. In the writing exam you two hours and thirty minutes to
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