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Police Personality - Police Personality 1 Police...

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Police Personality 1 Police Personality Dana Dutch CJS 210 Axia College of University of Phoenix June 9, 2010
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Police Personality 2 When we think of personality traits in people we tell them they are kind, hard working, caring and honest. When you are working in a professional career your traits are a lot different from other careers. Police have many different personality traits just as everyone does. It is unknown whether some of the traits are developed before the job or if they are acquired through the job itself. Some of the main traits include authoritarianism, suspicion, hostility, insecurity, conservatism, and cynicism. These are all traits that can severely affect police officers and their families. The stress of their jobs can cause many difficulties in performing their job effectively. Authoritarianism is a trait that is the principle of unqualified submission to authority, as opposed to individual freedom of thought and action. Police acquire this particular trait when they are making an arrest. They want to be in control of the situation that is being made.
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Police Personality - Police Personality 1 Police...

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