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Judges’ Desk Camera Camera Camera Camera Bailiff Inmates Guests Door Guests Prosecutors Defense Attorneys Podium Court House For a court house there has to be a lot of security features in place. The court room is equipped with cameras everywhere that are visible and some that are not visible. There are also numerous microphones all over the courtroom that record even whispers within the room. There are also high-tech door locks so that no one can enter or exit that is not permitted to. The courtroom is also equipped
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Unformatted text preview: with an alarm system and metal detectors. Each bailiff is armed and trained for any situation that may arise. The judge also has a panic button underneath their desk in case there is an emergency and more help is needed. Each officer also carries a 2-way radio in case they are in need of backup. Any inmate that is brought into the courtroom is shackled so that they are unable to break free....
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