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Security Objectives Components - Security Objectives...

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Security Objectives Components 1 Security Objectives Components Dana Dutch CJS 250 Axia Colllege of University of Phoenix
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Security Objectives Components 2 Security Objective Components The text suggests that people have a lot to fear from criminals with guns inside churches. The fact that the articles mentioned that many people would usually think this location would be the “safest” location to be are not paying attention to trends. There has become in the national zietgiest a trend toward mistrust and speculation of Christianity, and in fact all religion. The mental capacity to commit religious based crimes is not unknown in our evolution. This isn't a sudden and terrifying threat. The Irish have lived with this fear for decades. In the early twenties the IRA would bomb and set fires to churches, facilities and killed between 400 and 500 people over the course of the 2 year conflict. (Parkinson F., A., 2004) In later years, the US funded IRA militants roamed about with their AK47's and detonators waiting to kill each other over religious conflict. (PBS 1996) The fact that now it is suddenly appearing in America should clue people in to a reality that is sitting in front of their faces. People are either so dead set in their ways to practice and the name of the deity that supposedly rules all creation, that they are willing to slaughter others who do not believe, or they are simply fed up with the violence that religion has caused for centuries. The religious battle is becoming more mainstream and the reports are now coming in that the
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Security Objectives Components - Security Objectives...

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