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Christina Suarez Anthropology 102 Final Exam Paper December 10, 2007 Final Exam Paper This semester in Anthropology 102, I learned a lot about things I would have never know if I didn’t take this class. This class was really interesting and opened my life to new ideas and things I couldn’t even imagine. The top five things I learned this semester in Anthropology were: the Alaskans and their whaling, the Andes Mountains and the Incas, the importance of cows, the Hawaiian/Polynesian culture, and the Aborigines of Australia. Whaling meant something to me because I think it is wrong and inhumane. Whaling is the harvesting of free-roaming whales from the oceans and dates back to at least 6,000 BC. Whaling started in the pre-historic times and continues throughout today. The development of modern whaling techniques came about in the 19 th century when the demand for whale oil went through the roof and then in the 20 th century when there was a demand for the whale’s meat. The primary species hunted today is the minke whale which is the second smallest of the baleen whales. I think that this is important because it gave me an understanding of why and how people hunt whales. The Incas I thought were important because Incas grow many foods that they consume.
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Suarez_Christina_finalexamppr - Christina Suarez...

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