week 9 checkpoint - with one type of environment can...

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Dana Dutch CJS 250-Week 9 Capstone Checkpoint It is very important for security professionals to be extremely familiar with the specific target environment that they are assigned to so that they are able to recognize weak spots in the physical design of the environment. It is also important so that they are able to correct any weaknesses in the overall security design that are necessary to make the environment safer. An experienced security professional can keep themselves aware of new crime activities by means of research and awareness so that they are familiar with new crimes that are being committed. When they are aware of new crime activities and new ways that people are finding to get away with crime then they can prepare themselves for crimes that may be committed in their target environment. If police are able to protect weak areas of their target environment then they will be able to prepare themselves and possible prevent crime from occurring. I believe that experience
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Unformatted text preview: with one type of environment can benefit and also hinder a security professional’s ability to proficiently protect a new target area. It is beneficial because prior security experience is always better than no experience at all. A security professional that is entering a new type of security environment can be a drawback for the mere fact that they do not have the experience necessary to protect that particular environment. If they are accompanied by a seasoned security professional that is able to teach them then it does not become a drawback. If the security officer is assigned to a new area, for the first time, without being accompanied with someone that is able to train them then they are left with a major handicap until they have time to learn the area. This is an ineffective way of keeping a target area safe. This is the equivalent of leaving a door open to the back room of a bank in hopes that no one will enter and try to steal money....
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week 9 checkpoint - with one type of environment can...

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