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Capstone Checkpoint - religion so you don't judge them...

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Capstone Checkpoint o In what ways has learning about world religions influenced the way you think about religion? Learning about world religions has influenced the way I now think about religion. There are many religion out there that I never knew exist. I only knew about some of the religion because I have seen it on television or hearing it from other people. Learning about Hinduism is one religion I found interesting. Doing a little research on this religion I found out about their cultural and social influences on the people in the Hindu culture. o Why is it important to learn about other peoples' beliefs and attitudes? We live in a diverse culture nation. There are religions all over the world and when they move over to the United States they bring their beliefs, culture, and attitudes with them. It's important to know a little about their
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Unformatted text preview: religion so you don't judge them. Knowing about the Muslims religion for example you know they pray at least three times a day. For the Jewish religion they celebrate Passover and that is the day of feast. So it's very good to know about their beliefs and what they believe in. • o How will you utilize this information in the future? This information that I have learned in my class I can explain to other people why they pray at certain times to celebration. I work in an airport and a lot of people from overseas come over and bring their culture with them. I can explain to my co worker's what I have learned in my class. It's always good to share information about other religions. Also, when my children get older and explore other cultures I can explain to them what I have learned from this class....
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