homework4 - COMP 140: Computational Thinking Homework 4:...

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COMP 140: Computational Thinking Homework 4: Networks and Graphs Assigned: 10/2/09, Due: 10PM, 10/9/09 Be sure to carefully read the course policies for assignments on the course web site: http://www.clear.rice.edu/comp140/ Your assignment should be turned in via Owlspace. You should turn in three files: netid hw4.py, netid hw4.txt, and netid hw4.png. netid should be replaced with your netid ( i.e. , rixner hw4.py, rixner hw4.txt, and rixner hw4.png). You may also turn in any additional “.py” files that contain modules you wrote that are used by your netid hw4.py file (you do not need to have additional modules, but may do so if you would like). Add comments into the “.py” file(s) (lines starting with a “#”) to indicate which problem is being solved. All text that you write should be contained within the “.txt” file, clearly marking which problem you are writing about. All files (except for the “png” file) should also have your name and netid on the first line (in a comment in the “.py” file). Hints For this assignment, you may use any of the built in networkx functions that are appropriate. Be sure to look at the documentation (http://networkx.lanl.gov/contents.html) to see what functions are available, as not all of them were covered in the lab. Note, however, that the documentation is for version 1.0rc1, whereas EPDLab comes with version 0.99, so some functions may not actually be available in EPDLab. You may also make use of any code that was provided or that you wrote in the labs. Problem 1
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homework4 - COMP 140: Computational Thinking Homework 4:...

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