24 Year old man gets off easy for his crime

24 Year old man gets off easy for his crime - 24 Year old...

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24 Year old man gets off easy for his crime Just last week a 24-year old man was charged and jailed, because he was supposedly accused for a rape of a 14-year old girl. Trials similar to this have been appearing on and off for the past couple of years, which makes it easier for the judges when it comes time for the final decision. But that was not the case, seeing as this was not just an ordinary rape case. Before this case, the 24- year old man was accused for burglary, which involved stealing alcohol. The 24-year old man, whose name cannot be listed for privacy purposes, according to the witnesses was seen cutting the wheat of his farm. The 14-year old girl, Jessica, was walking home from school at the time and passed by this man’s farm. The man supposedly called Jessica for help to empty out the wheat from the bag. The king had many questions about this such as, why the man called a 14-year old girl rather than a strong muscular man to help. Jessica not knowing
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