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Aashish Balaji 1 November 5, 20008 Arrest/Search Worksheet Case #1 – Was this search unreasonable? The search conducted by the police officer was under reasonable suspicion and was completely valid. It is the police’s duty to enforce the law and they are given an ample amount of power and authority to do so. Under the Controlled Drug and Substances Act, the police are allowed to search and take action in a public dwelling as long as they have reasonable suspicion that narcotics are being used or traded. Kane cannot use Section 8 of
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Unformatted text preview: The Charter to defend himself because reasonable suspicion was the basis of his arrest. The position that he had assumed in the toilet was very unusual and it was enough reason for the police officer to investigate the situation. There was no requirement for a warrant in these circumstances accredited to reasonable suspicion and the powers of the police as outlined by the Controlled Drug and Substances Act. No part of The Charter has been violated in this case and therefore, Kane has no valid argument against his arrest....
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