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Unformatted text preview: Aashish Balaji 1 her. “Why should I be put t o death when I’m the v ictim? The Mosaic Law is unjust and cruel and does not ensure justice to t hose who need it! ,” says Joanne with tears in her eyes. The reaction from t he public so far does not bode well for Joanne as t hey are infuriated by the fact that a citizen dare object to the laws given by God Himself. “I t is citizen, “She has committed a crime, lied about i t and on top of t hat, insulted God. I say she should be stoned to 950 BCE laws, the people have a sense of fairness and equity but how real is i t? Since the laws have been sent to us by The A lmighty, we have no r ight but to accept it and abide by i t. In the past, w hen someone refused to p ractice the Mosaic Law, t hey were hanged, stoned or beaten to death. What i f Joanne is telling the t ruth? Is it fine for an because they did not agree with the law? T here is no definitive answer but for now, Joanne Lotisk is considered a criminal for not heeding her father’s words and for questioning God’s Law. We will know of what becomes of her for sure tomorrow. olding up the Ten Commandments T D EN I ES T H E Loutrageous!OF aGODi! person to die AW ,” yells nnocent Joanne Lotisk, a 16-year old girl has declared the M osaic Law to be unfair and unr ighteous. Joanne has been sentenced to death for outright d isobedience towards her father and will be stoned t o death tomorrow at 12:00 P.M. in the town square. She claims that her father physically and sexually abused her several t imes and she f inally seized the opportunity to escape w hen she was captured by guards after her father f iled a complaint against death r ight now.” Ever since Moses has i nt roduced this system of R ichar ds. just and cr uel” – H ar old ...
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