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Article 1 - By Nabeel Quasimuddin Local Reporter ONTARIO...

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By: Nabeel Quasimuddin Local Reporter ONTARIO- July 1 st , 1867 the British had just brought us what Canada pleaded for, the British North American Act (BNA Act), promising Canada’s independence. However, did the act fulfil the Canadian dream of an independent country? Today, Canadians stood in front of a British Sspokesman who spoke in great detail about the Act. He spoke of Canadians creating its their own government, a British-style parliament with a House of Commons and Senate. He spoke of Canadians constructing their own domestic laws. The Canadians, of course, applauded and cheered, for this was the a day we Canada was not a colony anymore separated ourselves from the oppression of British rule, and gained what we were born to have, but a true country. Suddenly, the spokesman speaksoke of how Britain is still the mother country and they have the final decision on everything. The crowd all of a sudden stood in awed silence <- I DONT LIKE THIS SENTENCE.
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