Book Review - Book Report#3 Book Animal Farm Author George...

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Book Report #3 Book: Animal Farm Author: George Orwell In today’s world, should a person’s position be determined by his wealth, power, and education alone? George Orwell examines this question by writing an allegory. He shows the way society functions by writing about an animal farm governed by animals, excluding humans. Mr. Jones, former president of the farm, has mistreated his animals for too long now. Day by day, the animals lost bits of respect for Mr. Jones until the animals would not stand for Mr. Jones behavior and rebellion was soon to be struck. The song “Beasts of England” sung by the wise white boar Old Major inspired the animals. The beautiful words of the song showed the animals their horrible living conditions and loathsome lives. Not only were the animals astonished at the song, but they were influenced enough to rebellion. Overtime, the rebellion started and ended with the victors being the animals. However, this is only the starting of the book; the tragedy is yet to come. Animal Farm was uniquely different, ever since the animals took the lead of the farm. Rules were set within the animal-made “seven commandments” and it was an insult to the animal community to act as a human. The pigs overruled the education in the society; they were known to be the most educated. At this point, animals were considered to be comrades, and humans were considered to be satin-worshippers. Various minor and major animals were in the book and they all had a special purpose in the book “Animal
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Book Review - Book Report#3 Book Animal Farm Author George...

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