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Company Profile Grace Hospital The name of our company is Grace Hospital. It is an excellent hospital that has been helping the sick, the poor, and the elderly for almost 80 years now, since the year 1800. Rohan Nanji and Siddarth Mohammed first founded this hospital when they decided that they wanted to help others. This got them to open up Grace Hospital in Montreal, Quebec because it was still a young city in the early 1800s and was starting to grow from British immigration. Rohan and Siddarth thought that if they opened up a hospital in this young city, more people might move here to find jobs. This would help the growth of Montreal and the country of Canada because of the increase in population of both areas. Now the reason why the hospital was named Grace Hospital is because the very first patient at the hospital was a small lassie by the name of Grace Maryweather. When she first came to our hospital (just called the Hospital at the time), she was in lots of pain because she had broken her leg because she had slipped and fallen on an ice patch during
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