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Fable Remake The Hare and the Tortoise A tortoise one day came to a hare and said, “I bet you, I can beat you in a race.” The hare hearing this with his big ears, started laughing very hard. The hare accepted the challenge, and it was to happen right after thirty minutes. They had appointed the fox to pick the racecourse. Thirty minutes passed, and the tortoise and the hare were on the starting line. The gun fired and the hare started with a fast pace. However, the tortoise
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Unformatted text preview: started with a slow and steady pace. The hare almost reached the finish line in a matter of minutes, but he wanted to rub it in the tortoises face. Therefore, he decided to sleep in a nearby tree. When the hare woke up, he found the tortoise already finished the race. The tortoise came to the hare and said, Who is the faster animal now, me or you. Slow but steady wins the race...
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