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“Fashion-minded Canadian women studied the clothes illustrated in the magazines of the day: Canadian Illustrated News and Harper’s Bazar and Peterson’s from the States. In addition, some English magazines were imported.” Montreal Housing “Eight families live in the houses in this yard… Feeling his way to the extreme end of the yard the reporter knocked at the lower tenement, and was admitted to a house consisting of two rooms, in which a family of four are accommodated. In one corner sat a child, once as rosy as an apple, but now pallid and with brilliant eyes. She was just recovering from a severe attack of diphtheria for which she had been treated at the hospital, and her voice was gone. The father himself is on the verge of illness, and the mother is worn with fatigue, for the couch upon which the sick girl had at first lain had only just been vacated by her brother, who had been rescued from typhoid fever by the assiduous care of doctor and mother.” “Then there is Drake’s yard—houses where the workmen live and where there are no
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