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Frontier Assignment 1. The character that surprised me the most was Nate Brooks. He was different from everyone else and had a very positive attitude towards homesteading. Whereas, the other contestants were sad and were always complaining about the dirty conditions and extremely low supplies. Nate was always smart and was ready for any upcoming obstacle. For example, when winter was approaching he had already stored some hay from before and had an abundant supply of firewood. Also, with Nate Brooks positive attitude and smart thinking, it had won him the first prize. I had always thought that the new generation would never be able to survive the pioneer or olden lifestyle. However, Nate Brooks had surprised me with his ability to homestead. Never, have I ever seen a character such as Nate Brooks. 2. I absolutely do not agree with the setup that the series had organized. It was unfair to many of the families since one is poor and the other is wealthy. It has been shown that wealthy families are more of how I would say “technoholic”. By this term “technoholic”, I mean addiction to technology. On the other hand, the poor don’t have as much money and are more of hands-on people. They do not buy as much technology as the wealthy and are not addicted to it as much as the wealthy. Therefore, when the families had participated the wealthy had failed miserably (Clunes), but the poor were very successful (Brooks and Glenns). The poor are used to do things by themselves and be hard-workers, and the wealthy are lazy and use technology to do more than
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Frontier Assignment - 1. 2. 3. 4. Frontier Assignment The...

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