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Geography Bonus Assignment Who knew there would be a region in Canada that would have a subsistence and traditional economy? Canada is a well-developed country with a market economy higher than most countries. However, not all of Canada is rich in economy and that region would be Iqualuit, capital of Nunavut. Iqualuit is not only a subsistence economy, but also a traditional economy. The surprising part about a region in Canada to have a traditional economy is that Canada is a multicultural country and welcomes everyone from anywhere. Iqualuit is a isolated region with the majority of the population being Inuit. I will elaborate more on Iqualuit being a traditional and subsistence economy following this paragraph. Iqualuit is a traditional economy most probably because the majority of the population is Inuit. In this region there is always a chief of a tribe also known as a dictator. In addition, the Inuit live with one typical household within their region, the extended family. However, the Inuit do not live in structured houses, but in make-shift
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