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Good Copy Fable - in front of them They advanced on foot to...

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Good Copy Fable Maple City, is the downtown heart of Maple Forest and like any other city, the crime was enormous. However, the worst of the gangs were the C-Unit also known as the Carnivores Unit. Many animals believe the gang called themselves the Carnivores Unit because they ate the animals they killed. The members of C-Unit were, Fatty P an oversize hyena, TKO a fury lion, and Jazzy N a clever fox. This a story of two foxes, Bob and Bill, who learned, “playing with the sinful, ends with a bad result”. Newspapers were filled with news of animals brutally beaten by C-Unit. Bob, however, was admiring at the respect C-Unit was gaining. Joining the C-Unit was an ambition for the foxes and they would do anything to succeed. The next morning, the foxes walk to the local grocery store due to their insufficient supplies. Suddenly, while they are walking, they see three bizarre animals doing unusual activities. The foxes were astonished and they just noticed that the three bizarre animals are C-Unit. The foxes could not believe their life long dream were right
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Unformatted text preview: in front of them. They advanced on foot to the Unit and they were all ready to confront them. The three beasts turn around and they start grunting at the foxes. “And how may I help you feeble foxes?” asked Fatty P. The foxes were firm and asked for their recruiting. TKO went hectic and started roaring at them, but Jazzy N with his cleverness skills asked what they would do for them. Bill started shedding tears and said, “Your wish is my command.” Jazzy N ordered the foxes, Bob and Bill, to rendezvous with the Unit at 50 Maple Street, three in the morning. The next day, the foxes did as what they were told to do. They came on the spot and found the Unit consuming on a leopard. “What is your command, my lords?” asked Bob. ”Turn around,” said Jazzy N. Suddenly the three cannibals attacked the foxes from behind. Fortunately, the beasts let Bob and Bill breathing and threw them on the streets. Playing with the sinful in the beginning, ends with a bad result....
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