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History 2 nd half The phone number of our company is very easy to remember and so is the emergency number even easier. The phone number of our company is 905-528-7431 and the emergency phone number is 911. These numbers are easy to remember in case of emergencies. The location of our hospital is Toronto, Ontario and we have many main reasons why this city. One reason for building the hospital in Toronto was the major population. Many employees will want to join and that will be good for the business. Also, another reason for the building was the major illnesses and major homeless people. In Toronto there are many sick civilians and homeless people. Our companies objective is to help to all of the poor and the homeless. We are the charity and the hgospital. The services we provide are medicine, help, and charity. We are to going to help the illness and other infectious. We are going to provide as much help as we can for the
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Unformatted text preview: sick and for the poor we have a free charity. The name of our hospital is Grace Hospital. Our reasons are the first patient to die was named Grace and she inspired us a lot. The company was built in 1880 and the founders were Rahim and Nabeel this was because the European diseases started at that year. Also, we felt real bad for the civilians and the majority of the sickened. A person would want to join the company because of many reasons. The employee would want to make the country better by reducing the infections and illnesses. Also, they would feel bad for the homeless and would want to help for a good amount of money. The purpose of our country is to rid this county of bad infections and make the country have a better medical state. This is our goal and we know we can do it. Also, we want to provie supplies and variety of food and most importantly shelter to everybody....
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