History Notes(1) - History Notes Louis Riel Rebellion...

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Unformatted text preview: History Notes Louis Riel Rebellion 1869-1885 Manitoba 1869- dominion bought Ruperts Land Metis formed their own government and defied the Dominions 1870- forced their way into Dominion Aftermath Settlers began to arrive Metis were forced to leave Went back to Saskatchewan Valley Called Louis Riel back to aid them The Native Leaders Poundmaker Born in 1842 Native name- Pitikwahanapiwiyin Political leader Greatest hunter at that day Thought that Christianity brought bad luck Practiced aboriginal beliefs Big Bear Born in 1825 Native name- Mistahimaskwa 1871- leading chief of Prairie River people which was a new nation of French Hudson Bay Company employees and natives The Canadian Pacific Railway Cornelius Van Horne was in charge of building railway CPR often described as a steel ribbon stretching from British Columbia to Ontario $92 million was spent on railway employees paid $1.50/week 15 years to build Law Marches Into The West 1874 Fort Whoop-Up Construction of forts began in west 3-4 people occupied the fort No whiskey Indians moved out of plains Traders were warned of Colonel Macleods advance party June 16 th- began march across prairie to Fort Dufferin August 7 th- first death occurred, died by fever September 1 st- Great Buffalo Chase 1873- Cypress Hill Massacre hurried Macdonalds plan to bring order in Northwest Territories One Dominion act involving Britain and her majesty Thomas Fuller designed Parliament Building of Canada Building originally made for Toronto, until Queen Victoria named Ottawa capital Before Canada had a flag named Union Jack as unofficial flag Later Canada named ensigned flag to be official flag These flags were being chosen to represent Canada and Britain as one dominion John A. Macdonald had to say Soon this Dominion will be bigger not only will it be representing us but even other countries such as Australia and more Canada very proud for Britain and her majesty standing behind them The Temperance Crusade 1874- Formation of Womens Christian Temperance Union...
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History Notes(1) - History Notes Louis Riel Rebellion...

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