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Instructions The game starts from the start point Montevideo. You are all members of one family and are competing to see who can reach the finish line first. The country you live in Uruguay is very poor and has a lot of poverty. You think that the life in Uruguay isn’t very good and now you want to immigrate to another country. A lot of people have started moving to Canada as a illegal immigrant. The government has set up a political barrier nobody can leave the country now. So now you have to go as an illegal immigrant. 1. The game starts off by everybody choosing a token and place it on the start point. 2. The banker will get a money sheet recording how much money a person has. 3. Every body has a house worth $500, a car worth $200 and $150 in their pocket. 4. The person who is to the left of the banker gets to go first and the turns go in a clockwise motion.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. You move spaces by using the numbered dice. 6. If you land on a luck or country pick up a card from the middle that says the label you landed on. 7. You must stop when you come to the married space. Dont pass! If you havent come to it yet. 8. When you finish you sell everything you have and count up how much money you have. The banker will do that for you. When you have finished you have reached Toronto and crossed all sorts of borders and push/pull factors. The first one to reach Toronto and with the most amount of money wins. Rules 1. There should be 5 players 4 players will play the game and the other player is the banker. The banker is supposed to take care of everything that has to do with money. 2. Use the dice to move spaces 3. No cheating allowed!!!! 4. Play carefully Thank you very much for playing my game...
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