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Interview Questions - badly Timothy Eaton opened a store to...

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Interview Questions 1. What change did you do to Canada History? 2. How did he/she feel when trying to change Canada? 3. What would have happened if you never were born? 4. Who influenced you to what you did? 5. What hardships did you go through trying to change Canada? Big Bear 1. Big Bear changed the history by helping Natives get their land back by the government. 2. I felt happy when the Canadian governments finally were giving the land back. 3. If Big Bear was never born then the Natives wouldn’t have survived as long as they really did. 4. The person who influenced Big Bear most was his father. Big Bear’s father was doing the same thing he did and wanted Big Bear to get the Native lands back. 5. It was very hard for Big Bear. Big Bears most hard time ever was when the Queen was against them. Timothy Eaton 1. Timothy Eaton was born in Scotland and made the first departmental store and mail and order. At those times employees were treated really
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Unformatted text preview: badly. Timothy Eaton opened a store to help employees. 2. Timothy Eaton felt good and knew how employees felt. 3. If Timothy Eaton was never born there would be no departmental store that helped employees. 4. Timothy Eaton never had any influence he just did it by himself. 5. Timothy Eaton never had any hardships once he opened that store it was an instant hit. Gulielmo Marconi 1. Gulielmo was the first to invent the transatlantic wireless telegraph which helped sailors through various weather 2. He felt very happy because he helped a lot of sailors not to die 3. If he was never born a lot of sailors would be dying right now. 4. Two people helped Gulielmo James Clark Maxwell who discovered the electromagnet and Henrich Hertz who discovered Hertzian waves. 5. Gulielmo never had hardships since two people helped him....
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