Job Fair Reflection - and present things in a different...

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Job Fair Reflection “Oh no, the job fair is approaching, I am very scared and I do not want to attend the job fair,” I thought. Presenting has always been my weak spot especially when you are presenting to an immense group of students. However, after participating in the job fair I had the best feeling I had in days. In my opinion, the job fair was not how I expected it would be, in fact, the job fair was astonishing. I had a lot of fun at the job fair and presenting my role was never easier. There are many reasons why I thought the job fair was astonishing. Firstly, I had a chance to be someone else, an adult who owns a hospital. Who would not want to own a hospital? Secondly, for once I got to be the boss or manager; this means I got the chance to tell people about me and what you have to do to qualify for my job. Lastly, I got to make ads
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Unformatted text preview: and present things in a different manner. Being someone else, being the boss of some people, and presenting things differently are some of many reasons I liked the job fair. Disadvantages of the job fair were how the students chose what job they wanted. The majority of students picked jobs that provided free food, but I am in no position to say that the job fair candidates were bribing the students. I say this disadvantage because I had many students approaching me and saying, “I will only join your hospital if you give me food.” I always got frustrated when people said that to me. Other than that I do not think there is anything that can improve the job fair. The job fair was great it had all the “pizzazz” (features) it needed. In conclusion, the job fair was astonishing, I had fun and I think all the other participators did too....
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Job Fair Reflection - and present things in a different...

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