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Louis Riel: Hero or Menace In my opinion, Louis Riel was a great hero to the Métis and I think he was like an angel to the Métis. Louis Riel loved his culture and his people. He would never let his people down and would help the Métis people until death. My cartoon shows how the Métis and I think about Louis Riel. To me, he was like an angel to the Métis. He would protect them no matter what. However, where there is an angel there is a devil. In my prospective, the British are the devil. They are cruel to the Métis and selfish. All they want is Rupert’s land and they don’t even care what is going to happen to the Métis. The devil (British) is trying to kill the Métis. Whereas, the angel (Louis Riel) is trying to protect the Métis. As you see, in my cartoon the devil (British) has already killed one of the Métis and is aiming for the others. However, the angel (Louis Riel) is protecting the
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Unformatted text preview: others and stopping the devil from doing any more harm to his people. Louis Riel was a hero to his people and stood up for his and the Métis rights. Also, in the cartoon I show fire surrounding the devils feet. I am trying to show here that the British are trying to create war and havoc against the Métis. That fire shows a symbol of destruction and chaos. Finally, I show all the Métis settlers crying in the cartoon. I show this because the Métis want to live in peace not in war they don’t like blood shed. They want to live in harmony and stay calm. They cry because they don’t like what’s going on between the British and the Métis one bit. Therefore, I think that Louis was a great hero and was not a menace to the society....
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