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Assignment 3 - slip through then they will covert to that...

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Christina Suarez Cas353 September 26, 2007 Assignment #3- Can Digital Photos Be Trusted? 1. I don’t know how well they are going to work because they don’t sound like they are too “permanent” and they sound like they can easily be created. I think that if someone is good enough to alter a photo at that high of quality, they should be able to forge a watermark. I think that there is going to be a huge problem with watermarks and which ones are not real and which ones are legit. 2. Hopefully in the future Farid’s techniques will be tweaked and become more helpful in a whole scheme of things. Right now they cover a small range of photographs and in the future they will grow and broaden the spectrum. The disadvantages are that there is always one type that can still slip through. When scammers find that out what ways can
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Unformatted text preview: slip through then they will covert to that way and then the next way when they fix the first. 3. The law and justice system are handling the issues the best way they can by trying to convert to the new techniques. What is hard is that there isn’t much for them to work with because most of the photographs they are trying to interpret are too small or will slip through the cracks. The public is automatically not going to trust what the journalists are throwing out there because once you have been burned you are reluctant to believe everything. 4. I answered eight out of ten correct. I really don’t think digital pictures can be trusted because for the most part you can’t tell the difference; there are very small, miniscule details that can help. But for the most part it’s tough....
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