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Measurements There are three different 3d shapes: the rectangular prism, the cube, and the triangular pyramid. RECTANGULAR PRISM The dimensions for the rectangular prism Length = 19 cm Width = 5.5 cm Height = 5.5 cm SA = (2lw) + (2lh) + (2wh) SA = (19x5.5x2) + (19x5.5x2) + (5.5x5.5x2) SA = 209 + 209 + 60.5 SA = 418 + 60.5 SA = 478.5 The surface area for the rectangular prism is 478.5 cm² V = lwh V = 19x5.5x5.5 V = 104.5x5.5 V = 574.75 The Volume of the rectangular prism is 574.5 cm³ PACKAGES FITTING INTO A SHIPPING BOX To find how many rectangular packages that can fit in one shipping box is by dividing the volume of the box by the package Volume of the rectangular prism = 574.5 cm³
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Unformatted text preview: Volume of the shipping box = 1 m³ or 1000000 cm³ Since the employees want it to be cm cubed then we divide 1000000 by 574.5 The answer comes out to be 1740.644. We turn that to 1740 because we don’t have a half a package and if we add another half it will not fit So 1740 rectangular packages can fit in the 1 m³ CUBE 1371 packages into one shipping box The dimensions for a cube Length = 9cm Width = 9cm Height = 9cm SA= Length times the Width times by six SA=9x9x6 SA=81x6 SA=486 The surface area is 486 cm² V=lwh V=9x9x9 V=81x9 V=729 The volume of the cube is 729cm³ TRIANGULAR PYRAMID 6112 packages into one shipping box SA=213.4 V= 163.61...
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