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Nuclear meltdown - Pay $60 to roll again Tax just got...

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Advance two spaces Pick any insurance you want for free and keep it Roll again Receive $200 Move back 3 spaces Give bank $150 Car accident if you don’t have car insurance pay $100 House burnt if you don’t have home insurance pay $200 Pick up a Country card You got a baby boy or girl pick one Nuclear meltdown Pay $150 for medicine Volcano just erupted Pay $50 to roll again Earthquake just happened
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Unformatted text preview: Pay $60 to roll again Tax just got higher Pay $20 extra for every insurance you have. Donations are needed Pay $50 to donate to the hospital Insurance payments are going down Now every insurance is $30 Bank is offering everybody money Receive $80 The head taxes you paid are being returned Receive $100 for every kid you have Pay $100 to the bank taxes have become higher...
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