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Opinion Paragraph better - Opinion Paragraph Madame Michaud...

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Opinion Paragraph: Madame Michaud presentation Who knew being a Métis would be so interesting. I always thought the Métis’ lifestyle, was the same as a typical English lifestyle. However, after listening to Madame Michaud’s presentation, a Métis lifestyle is not how I imagined it to be. In fact, in my opinion, the Métis faced many hardships and were treated like dogs. Why I might think that, you may ask? To the Métis their land was their heritage and they believed that nobody actually could own land it was everybody’s land. However, the English prospective of the land was the opposite, they believed, land could be owned, and the stronger side always ruled. By that, I mean for years now the English have won their land by just war and fighting. For example, Canada was not just for free, the British destroyed the French and everything that came in their way. This is what exactly happened to the
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