Opinion Paragraph - many controversies The Métis believed...

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Opinion Paragraph: Madame Michaud presentation Who knew the Métis were so different from the English? The Métis are very interesting, and Madame Michaud has a very interesting life. I had learned many things during Madame Michaud presentation. The Métis have always hated the English and according to Madame Michaud, they still do. However, the most important part of what Madame Michaud said, I thought, was that even after Louis Riel’s death there are still
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Unformatted text preview: many controversies. The Métis, believed Louis Riel to be their great leader and still do. Louis Riel helped the Métis, when the English just “threw” them away. I do not think the English have any right of treating the Métis as dogs. Madame Michaud had a very interesting presentation and I learned a lot of the Métis lifestyle and their hardships....
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