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Praire Fire redo double spaced

Praire Fire redo double spaced - Prairie Fire Chapter 18...

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Prairie Fire: Chapter 18 Rough Copy Two years had passed and many changed happened in the prairies. Almost everyone had forgotten about the fire and it had become known as a disaster that brought everybody together. The building of a school that Peggy was fighting for had been accomplished. Also, the Métis and the settlers who used to fight every day had finally become friends because of the fire. In addition, Meg and Louis who loved one another a lot, got married and nobody went against it. So much had occurred, but it did not end yet for there was more to come. Everything was fine in the Bains house, the kids had gone to school and it was almost time for them to come home. Soon enough there was a knock at the door and Peggy opened it. The Bains children came in and Jamie was crying. Peggy asked, “What happened Jamie, why are you crying is everything alright?” Jamie said sobbing, “Mom, why can’t we and the Métis ever get along?” “Oh Jamie, we do get along with the Métis,” said Peggy, “Don’t you remember the fire and how we and the Métis worked together?” “Those are the grownup Métis you are talking about mom, but I am talking about the Métis children,” said Jamie. Peggy did not like this one bit and was greatly surprised that the Métis children and the English children were not getting along. She decided to send a complaint to the school because she was not going to let this racism act proceed in the school. Meanwhile, Kate could not be seen anywhere, but everybody knew where she was. Kate nowadays went outside to see if a mailman or a letter carrier had come with a letter from John. However, as usual, no one came and Kate went back home to share the
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sad news. The Bains feared that John may have died in an accident and may never return.
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Praire Fire redo double spaced - Prairie Fire Chapter 18...

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