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Rough Copy (Fable) Once upon a time in a happy little village located in a forest lived many animals with a variety of poor and wealthy levels. ______, ______, _______ were may be one of the richest animals in the forest and they were all best friends. Once when they were walking across the river they met two animals they appeared to be very poor because of their dirty clothes. After the best friends walked away, the two poor animals were impressed and wished they were one of them. ________ was going to be one of them and was going to look wealthy. He said, “_______, we are going be wealthy and be rich.
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Unformatted text preview: They were going to talk, wear, and do everything else like a wealthy animal. After they got the hang of being rich, they soon found out it was better to be poor. The cause was the wealthy people were boring and were overfunder. The two friends were still called poor and were said to be wannabe’s. They knew you shouldn’t be something you cant be. With every animal shouting at them they knew it was better to be themselves. Don’t be something you cannot be, it is just better to be yourself....
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