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Rube Goldberg Machine Outline For years now we have suffered of bending down and turning on the computer. However, the designers of the ____________ have now created a machine that will make everything easier and easy. The automatic computer opener has a purpose to make that annoying ache disappear and you do not even have to bend down to open your computer. Firstly let me explain how the Rube Goldberg machine works. The only thing the client has to do is to put effort on the lever making the arm lift, releasing the car to the spiral inclined lane. What else can a person ask for? After that the person just has to watch the computer turn on. Let us go in more detail and explain what happens after the client puts the effort on one side of the lever arm. Once the other side of the lever arm is lifted the car will ride automatically down the spiral inclined plane. The car has a specially installed wedge on the front of the car. In addition, at the end of the spiral inclined plane, there are two poles with the thread stretched around them. The two
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