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Science Experiment Materials needed: shoe, gum, chisel and freezer In my theory the best way to remove a wad of gum from the sole of a shoe is to freeze the gum. To prove this I am going to use particle theory and do an experiment. First thing I am going to do is the experiment and explain why it happened. First take the shoe and stick the wad of gum onto the sole of the shoe. Then pour some water on the gum to make it a little wet. Then put the shoe in the freezer and leave it there for some time probably about six to seven hours. After that, take the shoe out of the freezer. Now look at the gum very closely you’d notice that the gum is frozen solid now. Now take a chisel and just take the gum off the sole of the shoe. Again look at the sole of the shoe very closely you’d see none of the gum left behind. You would be wondering right now why freeze the gum and then chisel why not just chisel from the starting. If you would chisel from the beginning first of all it would be very sticky and
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