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“Around the world I search for you” Imagine a place with no school and you have to do nothing for a lot of days. Imagine a place where relatives are all around you and you see all these interesting things. However, I actually went to this place and had so much fun. I went to this place on vacation. But its not only one place but its four places. Places I ever visited for vacation are Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, India and Nepal. Saudi Arabia is not a place where I actually visited I was born there. I lived there until I was the age of two. After that, I started living in Bahrain. However, Bahrain for me is heaven. I loved Bahrain’s food, games, stores and theaters. It was the best place I ever lived in. Also, I have gone to India about three to four times by now. I go to India to visit my cousin sisters and brothers. India is a place I really like. Delhi the capital of India is also a place with so many monuments and things built by famous people. Nepal I visited for a very short time. I went there to see my cousin sister and her husband. Nepal’s specialty is mountains and I went up on one of the mountains of Nepal. My dream vacation for the future is Dubai. Dubai is best place for vacation. I wonder how long its going to take me to go to Dubai. “I wonder what I will do” I remember the time when I traveled to my cousin’s son house last year at summer vacation. He was very uneducated and that’s why he got a job that he didn’t like. I learned from him that if you’re very uneducated then you don’t get a job you want. So, if I study I will get a job that I want. Now what job would I want when I become old? When I finish school what I really want to be is a doctor. I want to be a doctor because I want to join Doctors Without Borders. This group’s objective is to help homeless people all around the world. When I went to India I saw a lot of people who needed doctors for help but they didn’t have enough money. I want to help these people because I feel sad for these people living on streets and begging for money. I also want to be a cardiologist because a lot people have heart problems. If I don’t ever get to become a doctor I’ll become an electrical engineer. I also, love electronics because it’s the most amazing things ever. Electronics are very interesting and I have fun with them. Becoming a doctor or an engineer is very hard. When I do I will be the happiest person ever.
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“School Days, School Days; Dear old Golden Days” Education is a very big part of your life. You need an education to live a good life. I have never seen a non-educational person ever live a good life when becoming big. Education is a very hard thing to me and everybody but its going to payoff in the end. My first day of school was very scary. My parents left me, I had no friends. I used to think that school was for no reason and parents didn’t want us for some part of the day. But then I learned parents are trying to help you and school is for getting you a better job. From kindergarten to grade 8 my favorite grade is grade 5. Grade 5 is the best because I
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scrapbook - Around the world I search for you Imagine a...

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