The Pit Dragon - The Pit Dragon (Dragons Blood) Author:...

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The Pit Dragon (Dragon’s Blood) Author: Jane Yolen “Dragon’s Blood” the first book in the Pit Dragon trilogy is an amazing work of fantasy written by one of the greatest authors ever known Jane Yolen. Jakkin an orphaned fifteen-year-old boy who is unfortunately a bonder (a paid slave) has many hopes for the future. His dreams are to be free and train a champion pit dragon. He lives on a planet named Austar lV that is corrupted but is also one the most famous. Austar lV is filled with gamblers, slaves and even sadly prostitutes. A planet that is most famous for its dragons and pit dragon fights. As dragons fight gamblers bet on which lucky dragon is going to win. A fantasy book filled with dragons but also love and emotions. Masters are men who are rich and own dragons while bonders are poor slaves owned by the masters. Jakkin wasn’t always a bonder though he used to be free. His father was a great trainer but had sadly died when Jakkin was little, by a wild dragon also known to be a feral. Jakkin’s father trained feral dragons and did that with no fear of death. With the father gone the mother and little Jakkin had no one and no money. They
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The Pit Dragon - The Pit Dragon (Dragons Blood) Author:...

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