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View Full DocumentRight Arrow Icon Executive Summary The financial results for the last two reporting periods have shown growth in the company’s assets and profitability. This type of accomplishment comes from a group of intelligent people who worked really hard to making a success. The financial statement refers to the consolidated cash flows, statement of operations, balance sheets, statements of stockholder’s equity. The balance sheet will depict the financial data from the past two reporting periods showing assets, accounts payable and current liabilities in this segment. Total assets have increased in the last two reporting period by $5.5 million dollars. In 2008 Total assets were $8,314,000 and Total assets in 2009 were $13,813,000. In 2008, net sales
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Unformatted text preview: increased by $4.3 billion dollars from 2007which increased the total assets from $6.5 million dollars in 2008. Net sales increased 28% annually to $24.51 billion dollars in 2009. This is a Remarkable increase in net sales looking back 10 years when net sales were $1.64 billion in 1999. Accounts payable included all expenses in relation to the companys operation. Accounts payable in the last two reporting periods has increased by 36%. Accounts payable in 2008 was $3,594,000 and in 2009, accounts payable was $5,605,000. Total current liabilities included accrued expenses within the period. Total accrued expenses reported in the last two periods have increased by 35%, which has also increased the total current liabilities by 35%. Total current liabilities in 2008 were $4,746,000. In 2009, total current liabilities were $7,364,000....
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